In my dating experience I have only met one guy that I thought had ‘the one’ potential. What went wrong with us is, it was a long distance relationship, which normally have only a 40% success rate. So that was doomed from the get go. That said, he was a really good guy. The type of guy I always thought I would end up with. That came to an end after 8 short months. We tried to give it an other shot but that didn’t even last a month. We are still friends though. We talk almost everyday now. We genuinely wish each other well.

When it comes to dating guys my age, this particular ex was the only exception to the rule. Guys my age, in their early twenties I mean, are only good to hang out with. The ones I would be into are literally all taken and in few instances, gay. Which brings me to the subject of what it is I want or I’m looking for in a guy.

I want a focused guy. Someone who is self-aware. Someone who knows what he wants in life and out of life. Someone with a functional, if not good, relationship with his family. Family is very important to me. Someone kind and generous but assertive. Someone who is loving and caring. Someone fun with a slightly dark sense of humor. Someone witty…..I think smart is sexy! Someone who doesn’t play mind games. An honest person and above all, someone who puts God first.


From that, should I call it profile….lol, guys my age who fit are already taken or come with an immense amount of baggage. Older guys who fit the profile want to get married tomorrow. I am only 22! I have my whole life ahead of me. I am not about to get married or anything like that. Hence I have involuntary been left to a life of single hood.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind being single but it’s just some times i want to share some things with some who is not my bestie or my mum. I want to have running inside jokes with someone….I want to have someone to cuddle with and watch some random movie. I want some one to walk me to the bus stop or drive me home. I’m not picky… I want someone to hold hands with in town. I want someone who will teach me how to play FIFA or call of duty. Someone who can text with me into the wee hours of the morning and we both have things to do early the next day. Someone who likes all crime dramas on TV like I do….CSI, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Major Crimes, Blue bloods, Hawaii Five-o to name just a few….Someone who likes comedies too: Big Bang Theory and Two Broke Girls are my favs right now. Before I digress and turn this into a movie/series post lets go back to the point. I miss sharing a connection with someone. I miss knowing that they are always in my corner as I am in theirs. I am so tired of caring and investing in people who don’t value me as much as I value them or value me at all.

My mom told me I’m at an age where people crave companionship. As much as I’ll never admit to her that this is true… is the truth. I love my mum and my besties but it’s just not the same. I want to be looked at in a certain way, I want to be held in a certain way. Maybe I am craving to share my life with someone. I’m not the get married and happy ever after type, but that is starting to sound very enticing right now….