I’m in my feelings right now so I’m trying to be PC .. You mother effers  done tried it!  Just because I’m nice don’t mean you got a meal ticket out of whichever situation you are in. Listen, or rather read closely,if you ain’t never been down for me, I sure as hell won’t be down for your stupid ass. I’m tired of guys thinking just because I’m nice I’ll go out of my way to help you or do whatever it is you need. I understand why you would think that though, I have done that A LOT in the past. But that’s the past! Ain’t nobody got time for that foolishness no more. I know better now.

So don’t ask me for favors no more if you have never done nothing for me. I know that’s selfish. It really is but it’s time my time and efforts became worth something. I ain’t about to do anything for mother effers who don’t deserve shit. It’s time I put my needs before all of yours.

I am angry! I am hurt. I am disappointed. I can’t live my life like this anymore . I’m tired of caring about a lot of shitty people and shit things that/who don’t mean shit anyway. I’m nobody’s mama, certainly ain’t nobody’s bae so I’m gonna do whatever the hell I want when I want with who I want just because that’s what I want and your opinions and judgements have no place here. I’m living for me now.