Linear Like/Love

This, like a couple of my previous posts suggest, happens to me A LOT! I like this guy but he likes some other girl and probably that other girl doesn’t like this guy as much as I do and probably likes some other guy hence why its love/like in a straight line.

So, what do you do when the guy/girl you like/love likes/loves someone else? Well, I don’t know! When this happened in the past I became the bff. I was happy to play a role in his life, which ever role, even if it was not the role I wanted. I was young and dumb and I am done doing that shit!

If I like you and you know I like you and you don’t do anything about it or you are in another relationship or you like someone else, then I’m done with that whole situation. I think I’m too awesome to just sit there and wait for your ass to see how amazing I am! I won’t beg for what I know I deserve! Bitches be like…


I know I’m a gem. If the guy I like doesn’t realise that then that’s his loss. If he is in another situation, I would never ask him to leave his current situation because of me. I am not that girl! I guess that would be bad timing!

My point is, we should never be put in a situation where we feel we have to settle for a role we know we don’t deserve. To hell with all that best friend shit. I’m too amazing to be playing second fiddle to anyone! I know what I deserve and I’m not going to accept anything less than what I deserve!

If you love you deserve to be loved….whole heartedly! No more bff stories!


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