Linear Like/Love

This, like a couple of my previous posts suggest, happens to me A LOT! I like this guy but he likes some other girl and probably that other girl doesn’t like this guy as much as I do and probably likes some other guy hence why its love/like in a straight line.

So, what do you do when the guy/girl you like/love likes/loves someone else? Well, I don’t know! When this happened in the past I became the bff. I was happy to play a role in his life, which ever role, even if it was not the role I wanted. I was young and dumb and I am done doing that shit!

If I like you and you know I like you and you don’t do anything about it or you are in another relationship or you like someone else, then I’m done with that whole situation. I think I’m too awesome to just sit there and wait for your ass to see how amazing I am! I won’t beg for what I know I deserve! Bitches be like…


I know I’m a gem. If the guy I like doesn’t realise that then that’s his loss. If he is in another situation, I would never ask him to leave his current situation because of me. I am not that girl! I guess that would be bad timing!

My point is, we should never be put in a situation where we feel we have to settle for a role we know we don’t deserve. To hell with all that best friend shit. I’m too amazing to be playing second fiddle to anyone! I know what I deserve and I’m not going to accept anything less than what I deserve!

If you love you deserve to be loved….whole heartedly! No more bff stories!


A Few Good Men.

I know I give guys a hard time for how they treat women. Some of you are ass holes there’s no denying that but this blog post today is dedicated to the guys who get it right!
There are guys out there who hold doors and pull chairs. Guys who handle they business!!! I have decided to tip my hat to them, the real Men.

There are guys out there who treat their girls right. Who love and respect the women they are with. We often generalize and put all men in the same category. Which is not fair. We use statements like ‘all men are dogs’. Which, by the way, won’t get us women anywhere! We’ll just end up old and bitter and alone!

There are guys who realise when they have a good woman and treat her like the gem that she is. These guys are patient and reliable. They don’t give up when we make them pay for the sins of those who came before him and damaged us. They love a woman until she learns to love and trust again but more importantly they love her until she learns to love herself again. They don’t look for recognition or praise. They don’t display their love for you on social media only. They love you even behind closed doors. They are there for you genuinely!


These guys understand that its not enough to just tell her you love her. You have to show her, because you know she has heard it all before. For her to believe you, you have to show her you are worthy of her love and she is worthy of yours. That she is worthy of love.

Today we celebrate the men who know what it is to have a good woman. The men whose mother did a good job on. The men who Hold it down! We appreciate you. I see you boo. Keep doing you!