Always the BFF but never the Bae

So I’ve always been a guy’s girl. I watch football and give female insight. I was always the bff but never the bae. I always ended up giving advice to the guys I liked on their relationships with other women.

I have come to the point in my life where I’m done rolling with the punches. I want my own man. I’m done being bff I want to be bae.

I will still watch football and be that chill chick of the group but somethings gotta give!!!

Its not like I’m demanding for a ring on my finger right now! I just want to take walks holding hands and be called babe or whichever other cute name. I want to go on dates and to be cared for as I care for someone. I want to chill with said person and watch movies. I want to have matching Aresenal jerseys. I want to go swimming and have ice cream or hot chocolate after. I want to be bae not bff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being the one the guys call for advice. I love being the one they call to chill with. I love being a guy’s girl, sometimes. Not all the time. Because that’s who I am.


Its cool to hang out with the guys. I don’t have an older brother. They make me feel like I have older brothers. They stand up for me and teach me many useful and sometimes not so useful things. But a girl also wants to feel like a girl. She wants a man! I get I’m not a girly girl but all girls need some loving.


Here is to all girls who are made of everything fine…may we find baes and good loving.