Men Never Appreciate A Good Girl. (Redefining The Bad Bitch)

If you are not one for strong language then stop reading this post right now!!

Give a man a good woman and he will turn her into a bad bitch! Men claim they want a good woman, someone who will love them unconditionally but still give them their space. A beautiful woman who can cook, raise his children and still be independent. A woman who will compliment them but she should know her place. I’ll tell you something for free right now, she doesn’t exist!!!
You want someone who will sit beside you, look pretty and obey your every command? Go get yourself a damn dog!!!
Good women still exist though. She will be down for you 100% but you have to be down for her too. Its not one way traffic. If you think you deserve a good woman, you sure as hell have to be a good man too.

We women cater to you and brake our backs bending over backwards to make you happy but we end up being taken for granted. So we turned into Bad Bitches!
We still love hard and we’ll hold you down 100% but we will NOT stick around through your bullshit! Go figure you shit out and grow the fuck up! Take a couple seats and calm your ass down then learn how to treat a woman!
We are not going to be treated like we don’t matter. We have lives too boo boo! As much as this may be hard for you to believe, the universe does not revolve around you!
I can already hear the guys going ‘she is bitter’ or ‘someone must have bumped her’ well…..I have been heart broken a few times but that’s fine. We all have to kiss a few frogs as the saying goes. I’m not bitter about that but what I’m bitter about is, guys don’t treat a good girl well. I’m not saying we are saints but we try with all we have to be there for you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yet some of you don’t see what you have right in front of you.
Ladies, if he ain’t going to treat you the way he should then LET IT GO!!!


I’m just saying….as much as this niggas be trippin, we let them. Be done with him and move on. Be happy with who you are first before you start thinking about making other people happy.

Self love first ladies….Men too.  Because hurt people hurt people.


Enough said…..#foodforthought


6 thoughts on “Men Never Appreciate A Good Girl. (Redefining The Bad Bitch)

  1. Damn right my dear, damn right! Shape up or ship out. I give 100% I expect and accept nothing less than 100%. Excellent read.


  2. And again and again I say this is so true. Men want to assume that they deserve every single woman that’s wife material but they forget to get a good wife you have to be a good husband. A weak man will always use your weakness to their advantage,making you feel like you are weak yet they are the weak ones.


  3. Men will always have as much power over a lady as she grants and she will only grant it if a guy proves worthy, so let ’em guys out there keep whining over the lack of good girls until they wisen up and realise that every Bad Bitch out there is a good girl if you know how to handle and treat her.


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