Lessons Boyfriend/Husbands can learn from Safaricom

For those who don’t know, safaricom is a telecommunications company in Kenya. Its has the largest customer base in the country.
I’ve wanted to write this post for the longest time and never really got around to it. So here we go….

1. Be the first to text me every morning
Every morning when I wake up, I get a text from safaricom. Its annoying on safaricom’s part but if I got a text for my significant other every morning I’d feel loved and start the day happy. (I am working under the assumption that you would only text your significant other sweet and loving things not to remind them to pay a certain bill or something like that. That is as annoying as safaricom)

2. Text me during the day
I know people will say I’m busy and what not but, just to know you are thinking about me when we are not together makes me feel appreciated. It will only make me love you more. (Again this is a sweet text not a pay the bills like, mshiwari or okoa jahazi texts. like, ‘i miss you or I hope you are having a lovely day’ kind of text)

3. text to remind me of things I already know.
I know you love me but, a random text in the middle of the day to remind me of that fact will go a long way.


Okay safaricom, I know I haven’t paid my okoa jahazi debt and whatever so leave me the hell alone!!!!

4. Keep me wanting more.
So many people I know, myself included, want to leave safaricom as service provider. But every time I want to leave there’s a new promotion that keeps me loyal.  Boyfriends and husbands can learn a lot from this. It’s not enough that you have me. Keep me interested and wanting more. Keep me so focused on you that you are and will always be the apple of my eye. Plan for fun things for us to do together. Do things for me that will make me feel appreciated, buy me thoughtful gifts. Hold my hand as we walk down the street, and most importantly never stop telling me how much you love me.

I know the guys are like, why are we the only ones doing things and saying things. Well, guys, For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Just rest assured that if you do and say all of these, you will be treated as well if not better than how you treat her. The same applies to all the negative stuff too by the way….and consistency is key. You can’t do this for a while then expect a life of gratitude. You can’t expect a life time of me loving and catering to you for the weekend you took me to Naivasha in 2010. If you expect to be treated well by her for the rest of your life, treat her well for the rest of her life. Like I said, for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. So choose your actions wisely, for the reaction is bound to happen.